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Vincent Price. HD

Vincent Price.

Re-tweaked this piece. .BLA ILLUSTRATION. HD

Re-tweaked this piece.


I was featured over on the lovely Quail Bell Magazine! :3

I was featured over on the lovely Quail Bell Magazine! :3


» Quail Bell Magazine Featured Artist: Brit Austin

Hey lookie, ghouls and gals! I am a featured artist over at Quail Bell Magazine!!!

I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and this beautiful book will not leave my thoughts. A cover design is definitely in the future. Here is how everything starts with my mental thoughts and research expelled on paper. The designing part comes when you take these visual clues and create your own puzzle. But first, you must explore your thoughts and play around with the ideas. It is a start.



Time for a rather low-key print giveaway. I haven’t done one of these in a while! It’s a single 11x14” luster print of Blue Caravan. I’ll sign it, and ship it to you for free. Yay!

Followers can reblog this post to enter their usernames. On July 20I’ll plug the usernames into The Hat (a random selection generator) and it will choose the winner fairly. Likes are lovely, but don’t count as an entry (because that way lies chaos). Please have your ask box open so I can get in touch. I’ll need an address to snail mail you the print. It’ll be mailed in an envelope with cardboard backing so it doesn’t get squished on its travels. Squish bad.

Yay, good luck!

Free print from an incredible artist! Heck yes! And she’s a pretty awesome lady as well! Go check out her art!



There has been a lot of stuff going on at Out of Step Arts here in the last little bit. I’ve been adding new books and original art to the store, you can buy shirts with designs from the artists in the OOSA Bodega, and now, the OOSA Print Shop is open where you can buy high quality print-on-demand fine art Giclee prints. We have several prints available already and we’ll be adding more all of the time, including some from a few of our friends!

So to help get the word out about all of these great things being offered to you by the OOSA artists and to celebrate our upcoming 3-year anniversary, I want to give you an opportunity to get free stuff! It’s easy, all you have to do is share this post.  

How it works:

  • Anyone who reblogs this post will be entered for a chance to win a free print from the Print Shop. “Likes” are appreciated, but they won’t get you entered in the contest.
  • On 8/1/14, I’ll randomly select three (3) people as winners. Winners will be notified via Tumblr, so be sure you have your ask or mail features activated. 
  • The three people selected will let me know which print they want based on what is in the Print Shop at the time the contest ends. We have currently have 7 prints, but plan on adding more. (*Some restrictions may apply, but I doubt it.)
  • I’ll mail you your print for free worldwide! Winners will not incur any costs or fees.  
  • If the person(s) selected cannot be contacted via tumblr, do(es) not respond timely, or declines, another person(s) will be be chosen.

Not bad for clicking a button, huh? 

Out of Step Arts features Alexis Ziritt, Nathan Fox, Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, Andrew MacLean, Toby Cypress, Liz Suburbia, Paul Maybury, Chris Visions and Greg Ruth. 

You can find OOSA on Twitter, Instagram and online at www.outofsteparts.com.

Thanks for getting the word out about OOSA. Your help is certainly appreciated. Good luck!

Doing some disco doodles! .BLA ILLUSTRATION. HD

Doing some disco doodles!


Doodles and such.

Oops I accidentally all-nightered. How about that. That is the sun. I should sleep sometime. Hm.Happy Friday the 13th lovelies! I hope you have plans to enjoy this majestic full moon we will have tonight! I know I do! <3Ink + Digital.BLA ILLUSTRATION. HD

Oops I accidentally all-nightered. How about that. That is the sun. I should sleep sometime. Hm.

Happy Friday the 13th lovelies! I hope you have plans to enjoy this majestic full moon we will have tonight! I know I do! <3

Ink + Digital


Warm up doodle of one of the members of my newest obsession, Steam Powered Giraffe..BLA ILLUSTRATION. HD

Warm up doodle of one of the members of my newest obsession, Steam Powered Giraffe.



Yay! Hub Comics got in the posters for their Sailor Moon art show (by me). If you want to submit a piece, here are the deets: In The Name of the Moon.

I wish I was a local just for this. This poster design is on point.

Ego, Self Discipline and Fear


Relinquish your fear, establish self discipline and control your ego. This is the simplest advice I can give to any person aspiring to reach personal goals.

I’m writing this not only for the students and aspiring artists that follow my work but also in hopes of solidifying some personal ideologies thus, hopefully, keeping myself in check. I am not always adept at taking my own advice. I will do my best to keep this straightforward and to the point.

It is dangerous to define yourself solely as your ultimate goal. If you want to be an artist than you must be much more than just that. If you define yourself solely as your ultimate goal, say an illustrator, then you are laying a thin and weak foundation that will not withstand the slightest amount of failure. Since there is no progression without failure the foundation of one’s true self must be complex enough to withstand such force. Welcome failure and do not fear it – just prepare for it.

Be skilled at more than just one thing. Do not be just be an artist or say to yourself “But it’s all I’m good at,” or “It’s all I know,” this will not garner sympathy. Sympathy will do nothing for you so do not go searching for it. You must be a whole person, well-rounded with experiences. You must be complex. When creating anything you must have a wealth of experiences and original ideas to pull from. The personal ideologies that you hold are the very building blocks of which you use to create your work so if you feel you have none then ask yourself this: How can I expect to create anything meaningful if I have no experiences, no opinions or original ideas? Your life is what you have to work with so add to it as much as possible. You need fuel for the fire.

Do not become a prisoner of your ego and allow yourself to believe that you are the best or worst at anything. Your ego tries to protect you from what will hurt you and so it may lie to you. It will cause you to become disillusioned. When it comes to meeting a challenge, if left unchecked, your ego will become your worst enemy. Your ego will take your mind to distracting places, “Who is watching?” “What will they think?” “I’m no good at this,” etc. But chances are that when you decided to become an artist for a living you said to yourself, “Who cares what they think! I got this!” So when it comes to meeting a challenge and taking risks why would you suddenly decide to care? Control your ego and take chances. You will grow because of it.

Get to know yourself, be honest and unafraid. Experience yourself for who you truly are. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and exposed. A seed will not grow under a stone. Do not shelter yourself. Do not hate or pity yourself when you fail. You have a responsibility to yourself to be happy. You have no one else to blame for your attitude and well-being so do not romanticize the struggles of being an artist. Stand by the decision you made to be what you are or get up and change. No one will blame you for changing your mind nor sympathize you for staying unhappy.

This industry rewards those who are original and pays no attention to those who are not so comparing yourself to other artists is completely pointless. It is so easy to spend all your time on the internet gawking over what others are doing but it will get you nowhere. Again, I am not always adept at taking my own advice and I am guilty of this as well. But this is not a race. There is no competition. We all have great things ahead of us so just stay focused, get up early, gather what you can from life, explore, experiment and evolve. Inspiration does not come from envy – it comes from experience.

This could not be worded any better.

To the Heavens!